"All Windows..." Menu
Array to Cluster/Cluster to Array (Cluster Size...)
Cast For Loop Iteration to Enum for Labeled, Ordered State Machine
Conditional auto-index output on for and while loops
Configit Read/Write
Ctrl-click on running VI to place a breakpoint
Ctrl-D: create controls and indicators
Ctrl-double click subVI to open front panel and block diagram
Ctrl-drag block diagram to create/remove space
Ctrl-drag selected code to copy
Ctrl-hover over left side of two-input primitive then select to swap
Ctrl-left click to quickly edit enum item
Ctrl-mouse wheel through cases of case structure/event structure
Ctrl-Shift-D: create constants
Ctrl-Shift drag to pan front panel or block diagram
Ctrl-W to close windows
Displaying non-decimal in case selector
Edit>>Create SubVI
Edit Cell of Listbox by a click using 2 event cases.
Fast connector pane terminal switching
Format String hacks
Handling strange strings in a case selector
Hire Endigit to do all your LabVIEW programming!
Increment enums to get the next value
Index and Bundle Node: Useful for "Strings and Values" property. Maybe others?
Move items with arrow keys & Shift-arrow keys for 8 pixels
Nested Subpanels work!
Numeric constant integer to double by typing period
Occurances/Notifiers: Watch out for previous value!
PolyVI abilities and uses
P: Replace
Right click on Comparison Nodes to show "Compare Aggregates"
R: Remove and rewire
Search and Index in place of case structure
Search and Index in place of nested case structures
Shift-drag to resize in multiple directions, maintaining proportions
Shift-Enter after typing enum item to create new item
Shift-I: Insert
String control - Update Value while Typing
Tap W as you drag items through structure walls to leave wires behind.
Use Format String/Scan from String to convert an Enum to a string and back
Use Get Numeric Info from NI to get items from Enum
Use Number to Enum.vim to cast to enum.
Use numeric formatting to put units in a numeric control
Use "Replace" to programatically set a Ring and then 'Replace' it with an Enum.
Use to find case selector strings
Using Radio Buttons for Tab-style controls
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